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Monday, 6 June 2011


Dearest ClosetDenLovers.

You came, you bought, you donated. 

And we raised. 

OH BOY did we raise.

With money still to come, the total SO FAR is.... (drum roll) ....


Thats right, TheClosetDen raised over TWELVE THOUSAND POUNDS and it is all thanks to you.


Bet Hayeled childrens home are overwhelmed with this donation, we have helped them reach their annual target in justonebrilliantday!


TheClosetDen blog isn't going anywhere, we have so much fashion love to share with you. and we also still have lots of designer clothing left over and new donations coming in every day....

SO if you didnt make it yesterday, or you are having sleepless nights over that super-cute Pucci dress youjustdidntbuy, NEVER FEAR - You may be able to buy it over the INTERNET.





Friday, 3 June 2011

Pre-Loved / Pre-tty Desirable

Just a couple of the amazing pairs of lightly worn pre-loved shoes we received today.

ACNE (as seen below), Stella McCartney (as seen below), Chloe, Anna Sui.... and more.


Thursday, 2 June 2011


....and we're starting to get overexcited.

Just alittlebitof INFO to keep you all in the loop.


PLEASE BRING CASH, it will save you a lot of queueing. You can also pay by cheque as long as you have the card with you. BUT CASH WILL BE QUICKEST AND EASIEST.

NO BIG BAGS will be allowed in. No rucksacks, no big shoppers etc.

Prices range from £1 to maximum £200.

We have a NEW section and a PRE LOVED section. There will be LOTS OF DESIGNER items in each.

Cold drinks, tea, coffee and brekkie bits are on us.
So once you're tired out shopping, have a little sit down hey?
Dont say we dont treat you well.

ps. if you havent got your ticket yet you must be CRAZY there are only 35 left so GET ON WITH IT!

Pamper Me Please!

What aloadofstuff!

 Ladies... this is merely a snippet of the sealed perfumes, anti-aging creams, moisturisers, eye-creams, lipsticks, nail varnishes, hair products, tanning products, shower gels, bronzers, mascaras - this list is endeless. From brands such as Laura Mercier, Givenchy, NARS, Mac, Armani, Vera Wang, Nubo, Liz Earl, Stella McCartney, Marocan Oil, YSL, Lancome and so on...


From everybody's favourite young designer comes this super-cool super-chic Alexander Wang dress.

Fitted but not clingy, tailored but still modern TheClosetDen are aching for this in our wardrobe!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Swim-in-Style... this Phillip Lim one-piece. Only at TheClosetDen.

I'd BUYYOURTICKETNOW if I were you as there are only 50 left.... and they're selling like Chanel--at-a-Fulham-Road-Jumble-Sale.

Leather Lux

Leather shorts are still a wardrobe essential, and TheClosetDen has the perfect pair from french brand Sandro...